The SCORE team is especially pleased to support the mission of the Even The
SCORE Foundation. Starting in 2012, the Foundation will fund a summer sports camp for underserved girls teaching them the fundamentals of sports, and introducing them to the various professions in the sports industry.

Whether it is sports marketing, writing, representation, management, coaching or design, these girls will learn about all the options available to them, and have access to tailored educational and professional advice that will serve as a great start in the right career direction.

The purpose of this Foundation is one that is very personally meaningful to Even The SCORE's founder, Kimberly Hollingsworth. During her childhood, Kimberly longed for a career in sports. While she played several, she never excelled enough to qualify as a professional. Kimberly wished she could follow her passion, but never had access to all the other exciting prospects that existed for her to flourish in a sports-related career. As a result, she created the Foundation which affords opportunities for underserved girls to learn about all the different professional options, and to gift them with a real chance to succeed in careers fueled by passion for the game.

We welcome everyone to learn more and actively participate in the activities of the Even The SCORE Foundation. With your help, we can educate and energize a generation of young women who need every chance possible to realize their dreams.

For more information, please email or call
301-358-4808 or Outside the DC Metro Area: 866.970.8884.

To contribute to this worthwhile cause, please click donate button below:



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