Kimberly M. Hollingsworth is the Founder and CEO of Even The SCORE, LLC, a company dedicated to revolutionizing women's sports experience everywhere. She received her bachelor's degree in advertising and marketing from the University of Southern Mississippi and her master's degree in public administration and public policy from Howard University. Prior to founding Even The SCORE, Kimberly worked as a certified project manager and Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) for the federal government.

Growing up in a large family in Laurel, Mississippi, Kimberly became an avid sports fan by emulating everything her brothers did, including their love for sports. Her brothers encouraged her to watch every sport known to man and to pick a favorite team for each sport. They told her to choose wisely and to stick with her teams through the good and the bad. Her faithful picks (The Dallas Cowboys, The Philadelphia 76ers, and The New York Yankees, just to name a few) remain the same until this day. Kimberly also enjoyed playing basketball and intramural football, running track, and dancing with the football dance squad in high school.

As an adult, Kimberly hosted many sports parties and routinely invited friends to attend sporting events with her. She never hesitated to answer friends' questions about sports, even when those questions occurred during the middle of a game. Her friends began to declare that they never knew a woman who loved sports as much as she did.

From this intense passion for sports, Kimberly created Even The SCORE, LLC. Her goal was to design relaxing, social, sports-oriented mixers and parties, where women could learn about sports and ask questions at their own pace without feeling estranged or out of place. Even The Score hosts events with Maryland Park and Recreational centers, Grand Slam Sports Bar and Grill, Wild Wingery Sports Bar and Grill, and My Place Sports Bar and Grill. Additionally, Even The SCORE serves as a vendor for The Washington Nationals' and The Washington Mystics' Ladies Night Out events.


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