1. During a kick-off, if a receiving team catches the ball in the end zone and goes down on one knee, this is considered:
A - a touchback
B - a touchdown
C - a field goal
D - a safety

2. How many seconds are placed on the play clock when the whistle is blown to start the next play?
A - 25
B - 30
C - 35
D - 40

3. How many games does each NFL team play during a single season?
A - 10
B - 12
C - 14
D - 16

4. In the NFL, what does it mean when a team has a bye week?
A - They can sign another team member
B - The team takes this week to choose all their players for the season
C - They can Skip a week of play
D - The team must purchase all of their uniforms and equipment during this week

5. Who holds the record for the most touchdowns catches in a single season?
A - Jerry Rice
B - Randy Moss
C - Lynn Swann
D - Chad Johnson

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