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Welcome to the Even The SCORE website! I am thrilled to share my passion for sports with you, and the friendly Even The SCORE team is here to assist in every way possible to revolutionize your sports experience. Since 2007, we have grown exponentially, offering specialized trainings, corporate events, social gatherings, and matchmaking events – an impressive array of interesting and exciting opportunities designed to deepen your understanding and enjoyment of sports.

As a girl growing up in a big Southern family, my brothers were sports fanatics. They encouraged me to pick favorite teams and stick with them through thick and thin. Over the years, I developed a keen expertise and passion for sports. My friends and family constantly asked me questions about the rules of the game, and I was always happy to oblige. Sometimes women become a bit intimidated when it comes to sports, but that’s why I created Even The SCORE - we invite women of all knowledge levels to attend our parties, events, and trainings. You’ll have unlimited access to relevant information, ask every question you want of an expert without feeling out of place, and afterwards be able to impress everyone else with your newfound knowledge. Some of our members like to learn more about a particular sport very quickly, others start with very basic knowledge and learn at their own pace, but everyone always has fun socializing at all the Even The SCORE events!

I encourage you to explore our site regularly to learn more about sports, find out where we will be holding events, ask questions anytime of one of our experts, and start to Even The SCORE!

All the best,

Kimberly Hollingsworth
Founder and CEO

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Ever wanted to try something a little intimidating, like sport fishing? In an upcoming account, Kimberly will tell all from a woman's point of view. Stay tuned!

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It is that time of year again where people get together, shout at the television, indulge in all kinds of finger foods, and boast about their favorite team.