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SCORE Viewing Parties

Even The SCORE staff and sports consultants host exciting, enjoyable parties at sports bars, private homes, or anywhere people are gathered to watch a game, at which time experts will be on hand to answer any questions that attendees may have about the sport being viewed. It's an experience not to be missed by any aspiring sports enthusiast!

Interested participants may contact the Even The SCORE team to book a party (minimum 10 participants). The primary purpose is to educate women about sports through an interactive and social learning environment.

Each Even The SCORE party includes:

Online and Interactive Sports Training Sessions

Fun, provocative trainings that equip women with basic knowledge of a particular sport, offering women rare and exciting opportunities to ask questions without feeling estranged or out of place. Even The SCORE customized games are incorporated to reinforce specific subject material, while adding to the fun of learning the "ins and outs" of a particular sport. Please check our calendar for scheduled dates and times.

Private Sports Training Sessions

For individuals or groups that prefer private one-on-one and/or group training sessions, so they may learn how to play a specific sport.

Even The SCORE "Battle of the Sexes"

To add some snap and sizzle to the usual "men vs. women" contests, the Even The SCORE team offers an exciting new sporting event entitled "Battle of the Sexes." This innovative concept strategically places women against men in various sporting challenges; the winner, of course, determines which gender dominates the sport. These sporting events include games of football, basketball, obstacle courses, baseball, trivia, etc. It's a perfect way for Even The SCORE members to show off their newfound expertise!

Even The SCORE Corporate Parties

Even The SCORE hosts elite corporate events in various sporting venues. Home-town, high-profile athletes and/or special celebrities are invited to attend. At the event, the Even The SCORE team referees a sports trivia game that test members' knowledge gained through internet quizzes and interactive training sessions. Most of the trivia games encourage men verses women in friendly rivalries, giving women ample opportunity to show off their skills and socialize with the opposite gender. Winners will receive special prizes such as gifts, promotional items, merchandise, tickets, etc. It's a great way to involve your office team while socializing in an exclusive sports atmosphere!

Sporting Events Tailgate Party

Everyone knows tailgating is one of the greatest American pastimes, especially for sports enthusiasts! Even The SCORE team members will have attractive, eye-catching, strategically placed booths in the parking lot of select sporting events. Attendees will receive Even The SCORE promotional items and the chance to socialize with fellow members at important sporting events.

Even The SCORE "First Base"

Speed dating with a sports twist! During the event, a bell will sound every 5 minutes, letting participants know it's time to introduce themselves to someone new. After several rotations, they will be asked to choose their MVP (the person who's captured their interest). To wrap up the social hour, newly matched couples will be given tickets to that night's game. This gives them an opportunity to talk, laugh, and cheer for the home team in the presence of great company. Great food, refreshing beverages, and fun swag bags are included in this event.

Even The SCORE "Social Hour"

Meet and socialize with other enthusiastic fans! Participants and other Even the SCORE fans meet up an hour before a home game, and attend the home game as a group. Great food, refreshing beverages, and fun swag bags are included in this event. "Social Hour" provides coworkers and other professionals the opportunity to mingle outside of the office while enjoying sports in a relaxed atmosphere. 

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