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Kimberly M. Hollingsworth, Founder/CEO

Kimberly M. Hollingsworth is the Founder and CEO of Even The SCORE, LLC, a company dedicated to revolutionizing women's sports experience everywhere. She received her bachelor's degree in advertising and marketing from the University of Southern Mississippi and her master's degree in public administration and public policy from Howard University. Prior to founding Even The SCORE, Kimberly worked as a certified project manager and Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) for the federal government.



Director of Operations – Cylton Collymore CCollymore@eventhescoreinc.com

Director of Development - Phyllis Watson PWatson@eventhescoreinc.com

Director of Media Relations – Vashti Robinson admin@eventhescoreinc.com

Director of Community Relations - Keira Jones kjones@eventhescoreinc.com

Director of Marketing - Andrea Copeland acopeland@eventhescoreinc.com

Director of Human Resources - Queeta Hewitt QHewitt@eventhescoreinc.com

Events Manager – Phelix Perine PPerine@eventhescoreinc.com

Even The SCORE Foundation – Foundation@eventhescoreinc.com

Adviser – Saundra McNair, Esq. SMcNair@eventhescoreinc.com

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