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in the field
Ever wanted to try something a
little intimidating, like sport
fishing? In an upcoming account, Kimberly will tell all from a
woman's point of view.
Stay tuned!

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Our mission is to revolutionize women's sports experience everywhere by bridging
the sports knowledge gap for all women. Through social, relaxed sports-viewing gatherings, specialized trainings, enlightening educational sessions and customized events, Even The SCORE will help women understand and enjoy sports, and gain the expertise to impress their colleagues, family, friends, and significant others with their sports knowledge.
Everyone knew Ms. Kimberly Hollingsworth was an avid yet approachable sports fan, so for years many female friends found it easy to ask her questions about the subject. In an effort to help educate her friends, she would coordinate small, sports-training parties that focused on a specific sport, all the while answering questions, illuminating rules of the game, and enhancing overall understanding and enjoyment of sports. In 2007, Ms. Hollingsworth expanded her vision of sports-training parties and formally established Even The SCORE, LLC, making her knowledge, expertise, and love for the game accessible to thousands of women nationally. Even The SCORE members instantly discover that the trainings, events, and sessions are very welcoming, amazingly educational, and lots of fun.
Anywhere sports is watched, Even The SCORE is there to assist women in understanding and appreciating the nuances of the game in a variety of friendly, fun, and innovative ways. We offer a range of services – from specialized sports training, sports matchmaking, and Battle of the Sexes to high-profile corporate events and relaxed tailgate parties complete with celebrity athletes – all part of our effort to deepen women's overall sports experience and understanding of the game. No matter what your present interests or level of expertise, let us help you Even The SCORE!
Even The SCORE changes the way women view sports. Because of Even The SCORE, what was once a male-dominated industry is now open for women to enjoy just as much as men do.
Even The SCORE changes the way women learn about sports - Even The SCORE hosts a variety of events such as sports-viewing gatherings, specialized trainings, and enligthening educational sessions, all of which help women of all

knowledge levels get the most they want out of sports while having fun. Whether you want to become an expert, enhance your general knowledge, learn just a few tips, or simply attend really great events, there's something for everyone at Even The SCORE.

Even The SCORE changes women's attitudes and feelings towards sports -Even The SCORE events are tailored to meet a wide range of needs, and to include all knowledge and interest levels so everyone feels comfortable learning more about sports. Even The SCORE offers viewing parties, tailgate parties, matchmaking and "battle of the sexes" events, online trainings, private trainings, corporate parties, and social hours. At all these events, Even The SCORE creates a relaxed and comfortable environment where women won't feel intimidated to ask questions and learn to enjoy sports.

Even The SCORE changes women's interactions with sports - Even The SCORE
creates enjoyable environments where women are comfortable learning about
and discussing sports with others, and empowers them with new knowledge and
expertise to share.

Even The SCORE changes career opportunities for young women wanting to
pursue sports-related professions - Through the Even The SCORE Foundation,
young girls learn about all the career possibilities in the wide world of sports, and are given new resources to pursue their dreams.