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Taking sporty-sexy to an all new level, Wife Material Designs are sure to impress! This incredible company designs beautiful, custom-made clothes to order, complete with your exact measurements - a very feminine and classy way to show your team support!

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Feelings and Looking Sporty

It's football season, ladies! I just received a very important question from one of our members: "What do I wear to my first football game?" I actually get this question quite a bit for all kinds of games. Since football starts soon, let's focus on that. Here are a few tips:

Bella Artistry by Leah Miller

Every two weeks, the Even The SCORE team will spotlight a standout draft picks. The team's picks will focus on unique designs and creations that are a must for every female sports fan's closet.

This week the team drafted a sassy sports apparel company, Bella Artistry by Leah Miller (NFL wife). Our team sat down with Ms. Miller to learn a little more about her and the company.

Bella Artistry is a company known for its dazzling custom creations made from jerseys of some of today's most popular athletes. Leah, the wife of former NFL quarterback Jim Miller, is a natural artist who found herself with a successful business after she customized her own attire to wear to her husband's games.

Q: Where did the idea for Bella Artistry begin?

Before I got married I was in marketing, and I worked for my father's marketing firm. Very shortly, after getting married and not having a job, I decided I couldn't stand that lifestyle, so I started a painting company doing murals and furniture. When I got pregnant it was hard, so I had to quit. But my creative side needed to come out, so I started working with rhinestones–I had a whole wardrobe for my daughter before she was born. My friends would see my things and ask for something, and I was giving this as gifts, and realized finally I decided I couldn't do it for free anymore. It started out just as me, and now I have four people helping me.

Q: What is the favorite team in your house?

We played for so many teams, your affinity changes for whoever is signing the paycheck! It just depends on who you're playing for. We don't have a favorite team, but we still have a lot of friends who play on different teams, so we root for whoever is playing that day.

Q: What are your biggest sellers?

The jerseys. Every single one is custom. Customers send me the jersey, tell me what they want and what they like, and I get their measurements, and I do something original for them. None of these are mass produced.

Q: Who is the biggest market of your creations?

99 percent of what we do is for family. There are a few people who are really big fans who just want jerseys, but most of the time its someone related to a player–wife, daughter, girlfriend, aunt, mother.

Q: Can you share some of the people who wear your designs?

Nicole Jennings, wife of Green Bay Packers player, Greg Jennings; Amanda Davis, wife of Cowboys player Lenoard Davis, Sarah Hasselbeck, Clinton Portis' mother, Reynaldo Wynn's wife and daughters–working on theirs today! My goal is to work with someone on every team.

Q: How do you come up with your designs?

No one had put words on jerseys–I had never seen jerseys done in my 13 years of football. When i started to do them I put a huge star on this jersey. I wasn't thinking and the glue went all the way through the jersey to the other side because of the fabric, so to fix it I wrote “Mrs” on the back. Really through a mistake God was able to show me a way to fix it, and at the same time it was unique and original.

I pray that God gives me inspiration and ideas, and I cant take any credit–I've been blessed.

Q: How was life as a football wife?

A lot of people thinks it's very glamorous, something that's cool to be involved with. Don't get me wrong it has a lot of pros, but there are cons people don't know about. There's a constant lack of job security, constantly moving, which is hard, especially if you have kids in school, and you have to uproot them and go to a new city.

A lot of time the wife and kids have to stay behind and stay in school, and not see their husbands for a while. That happened to (Jim and I) a couple of times. We had been in Chicago for 5 years and had a long term contract, we just bought a big house, and planned to be there for a long period of time, then my husband was injured, and they cut him. Not all our furniture was even moved in, and Jim signed with another team and moved. We'd see each other on the weekends.

Leah J. Miller has a B. A. from the University of Pittsburgh in Painting and Sculpting, with a dual minor in Fine Arts and Geology/Meteorology

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