Archived Testimonials

"What a sensational idea! I applaud the way you have turned a passion into a business and wish you continued success."
- J. Penn, Illinois

"I just went to your website. I LOVE it!!!"
-Dr. C. Cooper, California

"I am so excited for you as your company begins to over take the world. It's a great concept and I look forward to working with you in the future."
-A. Bolden, District of Columbia

"It was great meeting you at the Nationals Ladies Night Out, and I am thoroughly impressed with your business concept. I hope we are able to stay connected and network......."
-C. Wood, Maryland

"I had a great time at the Ladies Night event. I am back in Michigan now, but if you hear of any job opportunities in consulting, please let me know!"
-K. Zawacki, Michigan

"I met you the other day at the nationals girls night event. You were the only one I went home and told my hubby about! LOVE YOUR IDEAS!!!"
-A. Simmons, District of Columbia

"Great concept! As a woman in business where my associates and clients are mostly men, I have had to pay attention to what is going on in the world of sports. Thank you for offering this service to women who are competing in a man's world. No more will they have to sit idly by while the conversation wanders between business and the latest game!"
-Ms. Bayton, Saginaw, MI

"Love this idea!"
-Ms. Nesbitt, Tipp City, OH

"I just want to THANK YOU for inviting me to your party at My Place. I truly enjoyed myself."
-Ms. Cole, Mitchellville, MD

"Congratulations, Kimberly! This is fabulous."
-Ms. Jarvis, Washington, DC

"Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Even The SCORE in recognition of valuable contributions to the Office of Professional School Counseling"
- Ms. Becton, MD

"Thank you to Even The SCORE for your participation in our Annual Career Day."
-Apple Grove Elementary School, MD 

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