Commitment To The Community

Even The SCORE makes giving back to the community a top priority. Locally, the SCORE team volunteers at area schools, educating students to lead healthy, active lifestyles and to pursue dreams of future careers in sports. As part of this endeavor, the SCORE team encourages students to pursue academic excellence, while providing specific career insight, motivational examples, and relevant information to interested students. The SCORE team has participated in career days and spoken at numerous non-profit events at the Apple Grove Elementary School, the Doswell E. Brooks Elementary School, and the Young Girls Entrepreneurship workshop hosted by Moms R the Best.

Additionally, a portion of the company's proceeds funds non-profits that benefit women. One recipient, IN-HOUSE-CONNECTIONS, Inc, a non-profit for underserved, single mothers that helps to ease their transition back into the workforce by supplying them with the skills they need to succeed. As part of their commitment to the organization, Even The SCORE hires women who have participated in the program. 

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