Founded by Kimberly Hollingsworth, Even The SCORE hosts trainings, sessions, and parties to deepen understanding and enhance enjoyment of sports.

Keira Jones

Though she'll readily admit she wasn't ever much of a sports buff, Keira Jones is now an avid sports enthusiast due to her involvement with Even The SCORE. After attending several Even The SCORE viewing parties, Keira was amazed. "Never before have I seen what Kim has done. Because of her, I got more into sports – I'm now a Dallas fan!"

Designed for all knowledge levels, Even The SCORE events are fun and vibrant, replete with great food and one-on-one attention from celebrity athletes. Keira remarked that every event was "in full attendance" and marveled at how entertaining the events are. "Where else can you get a free massage, and get educated in sports?"

Keira firmly believes this is a great concept in many ways. "I'm excited to see an African American woman get in the sports arena through teaching. Kimberly has a spirit of excellence in everything she does." Keira recommends these events to just about everyone. "Anybody and everybody can have a great time at these events – men and women alike."

Raquel Gonzalez

Raquel has been participating in Even The SCORE events since last year. "The venues are always the best," Raquel marvels. "People from other events always come over to ours to check out what's going on, and end up staying with us. At the end of the evening, our parties definitely grow in numbers!"

Raquel remarks that both men and women enjoy the events. "The girls are really excited. While some guys joke about being a little envious that these fun events are specifically made for women, they are ultimately happy that Even The SCORE helps their friends, girlfriends, and wives learn about sports."

Interestingly enough, Raquel recommends Even The SCORE events to single women, because there's "always a good mix of men." Additionally, she recommends these events to women in relationships with sports fans, as well as professional women looking to have an edge on the golf course or simply wanting to enrich office chit-chat about sports. "Really, these events are lots of fun and great for anyone wanting to socialize."

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